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Overcoming Stage Fright for Open Mic Night

by admin on August 15, 2012

Did you hear that Molly Maguire’s Black Point Inn in Rumson is starting an Open Mic Night every Tuesday? We’re sure we’ll have some great talent come through the doors, but we’re also sure we’ll miss out on some because of stage fright! Here are some tips for overcoming your stage fright so you can perform at one of our Open Mic Nights!

  • One of the most important things you can do is remember that not everyone is going to like you. Some people will love what you bring to the table and others won’t so much. The same goes for anything, so just relax and do you thing and some people will love you!
  • Let the music do the work. Try to remember that it’s not so much about you as it is the music you’re playing. Just forget about the fact that you’re up in front and play your music and let the music do the work.
  • Remember that mistakes make people human. When performing it’s important and likeable to be human. So, make all the mistakes you make and let it be part of you!
  • Lastly, and maybe most importantly, remember to breathe! Taking deep breaths is very calming and it’s not just something people say, it really works! So take a deep breath and let her rip!

Molly Maguire’s is very excited to be hosting Open Mic Night at our restaurant in Rumson. Stop by for a listen, or show us what you’ve got! Sign ups start at 7 p.m., so be sure to arrive a little early if you’d like to perform! If you’re still a little nervous there is always an ice cold craft beer waiting for you!

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